Copycat Churches

I doubt that it may intentional, but I find it frightening nonetheless...

The illustration on the left is comparing the floor plan for Solomonic Temple, and that of the common protestant church. Take note that there are 3 clearly delineated sections:

  • That section into which anyone can go, anyone can participate and anyone may serve (green); 
  • That section that is reserved for the initiated, the qualified, the 'approved' (blue);
  • That portion that is to be revered, along with its occupants. All are pointed towards this section (red) and all but one are restricted from entry. 

Clearly the Catholic and Protestants are agreed on this, for few vary from this format. The Bible speaks of the 'priesthood of all believers' but do they really act on this belief? The scriptures speak of the church as being a "body of Christ" and are definite about the fact that 'the Head is Christ', but do they act on this belief? The promises of Jeremiah 31 are rarely held in true faith, and the pattern of the Bereans, so lauded by Paul is practiced by only those outside of the norm; those held as 'fringe groups'. Brethren, these things aught not be.

Do seminaries deliver a greater part of the Holy Spirit, who has been promised to 'lead us into all truth'?  Does the differentiating qualities of the final days found in Joel 2, come to life in the heart of a church that is looking to touch the hem of a pastor, rather than the hem of the Savior? I think not.

The promises provided to us are ALL found in Christ, not in denominations, not in churches, and definitely not in pastors. We are all called by the last prophet of the Older Testament, John the Baptizer to follow 'the LAMB of GOD that takes away the sins of the world!"

Wake up place your heart, your strength and your dependence upon the savior.

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