Established in 1988, Rededicated in 2021.

In 1988, we purchased a small tract of land (43 acres), cleared off a few and built a home and barn, naming it "Pilgrim's Rest" in the expectations that we would one day use it as a Bed & Breakfast, extending hospitality in the name of Jesus, and sharing the gospel of His love and grace as opportunity afforded. Little did we then know how much and how long we were going to be 'schooled' before being pressed into service.

Now, we look forward to sharing beyond our early and hopeful imaginings.

We hope you will join us in seeking rest along your pilgrimage from this time to the next and from this millennium into the great one to come.

Helping Other Pilgrims to...



Our Home & Farm

By His grace, we cleared the land and over the years constructed a large home, with many outbuildings. There is a barn, which houses the goats and equipment for woodworking and welding, overhangs for hay and tractor storage.

Our layer hens, broilers, turkeys and geese each have their own edifices, as well as a lovely playhouse for our grandchildren and old out-buildings from our days raising pigs (an activity for a younger generation).

Trout and other species of fish run through a brook behind the barn and there is an endless display of the deer, bear, fox, bobcat and moose signs that impress and deposit upon the landscape. Within the house is our living quarters, and two small apartments. [Go to Page...]


Every ounce of creation, and every word of the Bible leads us to establish and fortify a relationship with Him.

A Personal Creator & Redeemer

Many Christians are very content with addressing their Creator as simply 'God' or 'Lord', but that was not how the Bible relates the development of this most essential of all relationships. From the very beginning, the scriptures make it clear that He wants us to know and call Him by name (Gen. 4:26, 12:8, 13:4, 26:25).

His Name is Yahweh, and His Son is Yeshua.

Yahweh has taken immense and eternal care to reveal Himself to each and every one of us, in His Creation, in His Word, and especially in His Son, Yeshua...

And everything around you, and the scriptures that cry out to you, are calling you into a covenant of blessing. [Go to Our Faith Page]

His Son has been rightfully described and revealed as being both the Word, and the Firstfruits of Creation.

Our Source for Wisdom & Life

We firmly hold that the scriptures ARE to be taken literally, unless otherwise indicated. And that these scriptures are accurate in every area of life, health, relationships and science.

If you trust Him for Salvation, You should trust Him for Truth.

To us, this means that when and how the scriptures speak of the land on which we live, the blue sky above us, the sun, moon and stars above that, and the firmament that encloses it all within a closed environment. We believe that He has provided man with all that is required, within Creation and The Word, to come to Him, know His loving kindnesses, enjoy His provisions, seek His face and enjoy Him forever. [Read More About Our Farm Philosophy]

Offering Worth-ship to Yahweh

Is not this the heritage of the word, WORSHIP, our declaration of HIS WORTH? And in order to offer this, should we not do so moment by moment and in honor of His schedule?

Would you consider yourself worshipful if you abused His name, bowed down to idols, killed, coveted or stole from your neighbor?

I am certain that there is one who would call themselves a Christian, that does not hold to nine-out-of-ten of the Commandments handed down through Moses; and from Cain and Abel on, it has been understood and accepted that some worship practices are such because each are ordinances that date back to creation.

Then why do we ignore the very first one ever presented in the Bible (Gen. 2:3)? [Read More on the Subject of Worship]

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