Within the Ark was the Covenant

Elohim defines and refines...

He called Abraham to become a great nation... [Genesis 12:2, 17:20, 18:18]

And among all the nations of the earth there is a people...[Joshua  24:1-28]

Within and in the midst of the people there is was set a Tabernacle...[Exodus 25:8]

Within the Tabernacle there was a Set-apart place - where the glory did reside...[Exodus 26:33]

Within the Set-apart place was to be an Ark, a vessel that contained and represented a Covenant...[Exodus 26:34]

Within the Ark, there was two tablets and two witnesses...[Exodus 25:16, Hebrews 9:4]

Within the tablets were the terms of the Covenant, without which no one can fellowship with the Elohim of the Covenant...[Exodus 20]

Within the terms were the requirements and the seals of the parties between whom this Covenant was made. The Elohim is identified [Exodus 20:2 - I AM YaHWeH your Elohim...] and supported by the witnesses [Exodus 20:2 - that brought you out of the land of Egypt and the house of bondage.] the people are identified and marked by a seal. [Exodus 31:12-18]

The seal is the Sabbath. [Ezekiel 20:20]

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