Please note: This page is by no means intended to be understood to be a full "statement of faith" or doctrinal document; it is intended to speak to what we believe are foundational areas which traditional Christianity neglects. Too many people make claims of being "people of the book" and then go on to attempt to limit its veracity or twist the words to bring it into line with the idolatry of 'science', the conventions of godless society or the baseless traditions of Catholicism.

Rule of Faith Number One...

There is absolutely no justification for referring to true Christianity as a religion.

Let's take what I said at the start of the homepage...

From as early as Genesis 4 (vs 26), just the second generation from Adam, it says

"At that time men began to call on the name of Yahweh."

The personal relationship established in the garden, when the Creator walked and talked with His creation 'in the cool of the evening" was known by historic account, and desired by men and women.

Christianity is just the natural extension of the Hebrew experience, being called out of a land of idolatry, as was Abram, and into a relationship where the Creator and Master may appear in any form and wish to share, teach, rebuke or just fellowship with His premiere creation. We are made "in His image and likeness" (Genesis 1:26), and His desire is to have fellowship with us. He offers us 'rest' for our weary souls, and we are to accept it.

He is initiating the relationship, from start to finish. He is the ACTOR, we are the REACTOR, He has reached down innumerous times in the past six millennia and those that have responded have benefited thereby, and those that will not, suffer.

It's just that simple.

Rule of Faith Number Two...

Understanding Creation & Its Ordinances is Paramount to Faith

There is little more important to understand in the Bible than the story of Creation. Yahweh provided Moses with just a glimpse into the details and order of His work over those 6 days, but that was enough to establish His ordinances.

First off, I will state that:

  • We believe these to be SEVEN literal days, which are integral to progressive revelation (unfolding of wisdom); and
  • We believe these to be SEVEN literal days, which are giving us a clue as to the course of redemptive history (2 Pet 3:8)

Let's address just a few of these I believe are clear from within the passage:

  • That during the course of six thousand years, there will always be Light and Darkness.
  • That when He states that He formed an expanse or firmament, with which to separate the waters, He meant it.
  • That there is a keen reason why the days are described as "and there was evening and morning" and it relates to Day 4 and The Creators Timepiece - The Moon.

Job 38 also provides us with tremendous more detail into the unfolding of Creation...

As Yahweh is reproving Job for having expended more effort in justifying himself than his Creator, Yahweh provides us some deeper details into the nature of our world an its formation:

  • The Earth has a foundation (v. 4)
  • It has a fixed measurement, and that it is found by measuring it 'across' not 'around' (v. 5)
  • Its foundation has a cornerstone (v. 6)
  • The seas have doors that hold them back (v. 8), and that the clouds are its garments, and He controls its waves and boundaries (vs. 9-11)
  • The morning is each day commanded by Yahweh and the dawn has a place from which it comes and to which it goes (v. 12)
  • The earth has its ends and [like a blanket] it can be shaken (v. 13) with mountains like the folds of garment (v.15)
  • The earth's true shape is best illustrated as the impression of a seal (v.14)
  • The sea has vents, and the ocean trenches (v. 16) (which by the way testifies to the veracity of the text. How would the ancients know of the trenches at the bottom of the oceans? )
  • The 'shadow of death' is a place, with gates (v. 17)
  • Both light and darkness have homes (v. 19)
  • Both snow and hail each has a storehouse from which each is sent (v. 22)
  • Floods, lightning, wind, thunder, rain, dew, frost and ice are all tools at Yahweh's disposal for grace or reproof (vs. 25-30)
  • The stars in their constellations have had names from the beginning, and perfectly obey Yahweh's commands (vs. 31-33)

A Critical Thinker will dismiss no information, regardless of how it may contradict what he or she has been taught. This brief video is worthy of a watch.

"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so."

The Bible speaks to a great number of truths that the world would rather you not know. Consider these:

"And Yahweh said, 'Let there be lights in the firmament of the sky yo distinguish between day and night'." Separate luminaries, not one and a reflector.

Rule of Faith Number Three...

Expect to Be 'Surprised By Grace' & 'Shocked By Evil'

by Michael

One could rightfully ask, "How can you suggest such nonsense...'Expect to be Surprised by Grace'?" How does one 'expect to be surprised'?

The simple fact of the matter is that the older I grow, the more I come to understand:

  • How little I truly know, and
  • How easily I forget.

Early on in my Christian walk, I was both led to believe [and swallowed it hook, line and sinker!] that theology was something that could be written in books, studied hard and fully comprehendible. Trained up in a tradition (you will learn that we have come to disdain that word!) that treasured and even boasted of their degree of knowledge, it was commonly understood that one could think their way into godliness. What hogwash! The person and work of the Holy Spirit was left to the Pentecostals and Charismatics, held to be lawless euphoria and unnecessary to the thinking Christian.

This all came to an abrupt end with a glimpse into the potential depths of my own thoughtlessness, propensity for sin and the continuous display of Yahweh's grace through my wife, Brenda. In short, I came into clear understanding of the conversation held between Yahweh and Cain BEFORE he murdered his brother, Abel.

"Why are you so angry," said Yahweh to Cain, "and why has your countenance fallen? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you refuse to do what is right, sin is crouching at the door; it desires you, but you must master it." (Gen. 4: 6-7)

Sin is real, personal and wants our total destruction. Thorough annihilation of the image of Yahweh in man is his laser focus. It matters not if it comes one person at a time or in large-scale desolation of peoples, nations or generations. Sin, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Apollyon wants you and me dead, and within the collection of his trophies of lives and god-images destroyed.

Today, I would be proud to be named among the Charismatics, if by being so labeled meant that Grace, and Lovingkindness were my two garments, for that is the original meaning of word, charis. This state will not come from honing the mind of man, but by taking on the Mind of Christ, (Philippians ch. 2) by Walking in the Spirit (Ephesians ch. 4-5, Galatians ch. 5)- a state in which it becomes difficult to fulfill the desires of the flesh.

The fact of the matter is that we are coming to the end of DAY SIX, and the lines set for battle before the SABBATH of DAY SEVEN are becoming clearly drawn.

The enemy of Yahweh and man is becoming desperate and careless about cloaking his personage, his goals or his means.

Gigantic enemies are difficult to hide, and with faith, and the Power of Yahweh, difficult to miss when you are armed with His Word, and careful to take aim.

Rule of Faith Number Four...

A Commitment to the Practice of Prayer & Quiet Repose is Essential to Survival

What is likely the earliest recorded and recounted prayers in the Bible is that of an unnamed servant of Abraham, who was sent on a mission of tremendous importance.

Genesis 25: Abraham, now 140 years old, was mourning the death of his beloved Sarah, and gravely concerned that his Son of Promise, Isaac, now without the oversight and counsel of his mother, would take a wife from among the Hamites of Canaan. This was not to be. He was sent back to the Land of Ur, to Abraham's Semitic relatives to find a wife for Isaac, and he swore to follow Abraham's every instruction.

He arrives on location, and is without any clue as to how to proceed. He calls upon the Name of Yahweh. No expectation of a verbal answer, he instead requests a sign; an unveiling of kindness, of character and of consistency to the wishes of his master (vs. 13-14), and is so immediately answered with success, that he is "surprised by grace". He is dumbstruck (v. 21) and Yahweh confirms His providence with her identity (v. 24). The servants response to answered prayer? MORE WORSHIP (v.26-27).

King David was schooled in the Practice of Prayer, enjoying multiple daily periods of Quiet Repose while tending his fathers sheep as a boy. Is there any doubt that is was from just such a setting that he wrote the beautiful Psalm 23? It was not genetics, training or pride that prepared him to take on Goliath (while still a young man), it was the confidence that came from these times of observation, reflection and experience while living within the Practice of Prayer. David came to KNOW the character of Yahweh during these times, and had seen his Heavenly Father give him success over the bear and lion in the past.

Prayer is not to be just a part of our routine, while it may, but also an integral part of who we are when to the rest of the world we are completely alone. Yeshua, or Jesus demonstrated both aspects perfectly, being his habit to both retire to periods of prayer, and to burst forth in spontaneous conversation with his Father. We would be wise to do the same.

Further Thoughts & Reflections on Faith...

Resources from the More Experienced...

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