Glorify & Magnify

Prisms are amazing tools of true and simple science, taking white light and expanding it into full view. 

Now, I call it 'true science' in that its data is visual, undeniable and not open to radical interpretations. The student shines ONE beam of white light into one side of the THREE sided prism and SEVEN visible colors. These are the simple and easily observed facts. That is the end of the scientific method.

However, the student scientist is happy to offer his interpretation of those facts, and I would like to suggest the following: 

  • Generally speaking - the prism is a tremendous illustration of the definition to 'glorify' GOD - to magnify the white light and expand or allow it to grow into its parts.
  • Specifically speaking - the experiment bears all of the marks of Divine Design within it. ONE God, expressed in THREE persons, providing divine (SEVEN, a divine number) blessings and expressions.

For us to "glorify" GOD, we are to present our sightings of His handiwork in and around us daily. Search for the signs of Yahweh in your life, look for His providential handiwork in your life, your surroundings and your family.  In doing so, you will develop so thankful a heart that the burdens of life and the troubles of sin will become small around you, while HE GROWS LARGER and LARGER!

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